GRP Palisade Fencing: the alternative to steel

Introducing an alternative to steel palisade fencing… Here at Ezi Klamp, we are now offering the GRP Palisade Fencing system, with pales, rails and fittings all entirely constructed using this innovative material. We’ve decided to explore the many advantages of GRP over the traditional galvanised steel used in standard systems, to demonstrate the significant difference…

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Pentrehafod School Roof Guardrail Project

Creating safe places with handrails and guardrails is our passion, so this was a great project to work on. The roof of Pentrehafod School is a busy place! A maze of air conditioning condensers, ducts, air handlers, fresh air ventilation and extraction systems, plus skylights and various roof drains. All of these will be needing…

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How to maintain Pedestrian Guardrails

Did you know? Strong pedestrian guardrails are a requirement in many industrial and roadside settings. Installing robust guardrail equipment can help make your premises safer and can play a key role in areas where the visibility and safety of pedestrians is of critical importance. Pedestrian guardrails can be used on walkways, paths, bridges and in…

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How to ensure handrail compliance

handrail compliance checklist

There is an estimated 11 million disabled people living in Great Britain, that’s around 18% of the overall population… There are clear regulations in place that highlight the responsibility of building owners, architects and contractors to overcome any physical barriers that may prevent disabled access. This includes providing suitable handrails on all external stairways and…

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We’re GRP Handrail Specialists

When it comes to GRP Handrails, we’re industry specialists. With extensive product knowledge, a wide range of components, and our quick and reliable service, we’ll make sure your GRP handrail requirements are sorted. Our innovative range of GRP tubes and fittings can be used in a variety of settings, including railway tracksides, offshore oil and…

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3 Simple Steps to nail your project!

handrail background with 1,2 & 3 icons

Save time and offload your entire project requirements to Ezi Klamp! Our team can work efficiently from your plans, drawings or sketches to produce a quotation that is entirely tailored to your project, saving you precious time and hassle. With over 17 years worth of experience producing the highest quality handrail and barrier solutions, we…

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