Your guide to Armco Crash Barriers

Ezi Klamp are leading suppliers of Armco-type corrugated crash barriers, the preferred option by contractors and construction firms for off-highway protection all over the UK. We decided to create this guide to understanding the applications of these safety barriers, why such protective measures can be crucial, and how you can select the products you need for your project.


What is an Armco Crash Barrier?

The name ‘Armco Crash Barrier’ has become the generic name for the corrugated steel crash barrier we would all expect to see surrounding a racetrack, protecting the drivers and the crowd. However, these barriers are now widely used as a protective measure in areas such as car parks, industrial estates, warehouses and other off-highway locations. Armco itself is a very soft pure iron and when formed into a barrier offers excellent protection, being designed for durability and resilience, with ample beam and joint strength to absorb impacts.


Why is off-highway protection needed?

These protective crash barriers are not just useful along roads or motorways, they are also excellent for keeping properties, machinery, vehicles and people safe in environments with a potential collision or fall-off hazard. These tend to be places like car parks, factories, service yards and warehouses, where there is likely to be large vehicles or expensive machinery operating, as well as drivers, pedestrians and workers who all require protection from injury.

The safety barriers in these environments will be different to those we see on motorways, because the dangers present are also different. Off-highway crash barriers are specifically designed to offer maximum protection from the potential damage of out of control vehicles as well as preventing vehicle drop-offs. Collisions from any vehicle, including cars, forklifts and HGVs, can all result in costly damage to buildings, machinery and stock. The installation of a crash barrier in the right place can prevent this and save thousands of pounds, and give peace of mind with that crucial layer of protection.



Armco-type Crash Barriers from Ezi Klamp

The Ezi Klamp range of Armco-type Crash Barrier productsis designed to provide reliable protection and unsurpassed performance in these environments. Offering maximum resistance to heavy impacts, they are manufactured in compliance with all BS standards and come in a galvanised finish to BS EN ISO 1461. The barriers are supplied in kit form and no specialist tools are required, meaning assembly is quick and hassle-free.


Your Crash Barrier requirements

We’ve put together a simple 5 step guide to selecting the products you need for your crash barriers.

1. Measure the length required in metres – Standard beams are available in 3.5m.

2. Decide whether you require bolt-down or dig-in posts and what post height is required – Post height should be determined by the specific application and its potential hazards. For example, the 1500mm post is suitable for areas with HGVs but the 560mm bolt down is better for standard height vehicles. Special posts can also be made to order.

3. Decide on post spacing – This will tell you how many posts are needed overall.

4. Select which terminal you require – Be aware that the end terminal will add to the final length of the barrier. We offer the following terminal options:

  • Fishtail End – Robust and highly visible, mainly selected for vehicle areas.
  • Pedestrian End – Great for environments where there is likely to be pedestrians, such as walkways.
  • End Cover – Simple yet effective way of protecting pedestrians and vehicles from the sharp edges of the barrier.

5. Select corners if needed – External and internal 90-degree corners available.



With Ezi Klamp’s next day nationwide delivery, your crash barriers could be on their way to your site in no time. Call us on 0117 970 2420 to discuss your requirements.