Ezi Klamp Systems are suppliers of revolutionary GRP gratings.

GRP gratings have many advantages over traditional steel ones. They are hard wearing, non-conductive, and slip resistant. Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) is a revolutionary material that has been proven to have many advantages over metal. Our GRP gratings are designed to provide safe, long-lasting, economical and worry-free solutions in environments where chemicals and other corrosive materials attack and destroy metal or wood. More than 20 years of life is guaranteed for our GRP gratings meaning that it is cost effective, not having to be replaced often. They are also easy to clean, with its open meshes permitting debris to fall through grating panel and preventing hazardous buildup on walking surface. Its non-conductivity makes them ideally suited to electrically hazardous locations, such as power stations.

Available in yellow and grey.


Corrosion and chemical resistant, Fire retardant, Slip-resistant, Low maintenance, Non-conductive


Chemical works and High voltage risk areas

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Guide to GRP Handrails, Tubes & Fencing (2019)