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Key clamp handrail installation - your questions answered

Key clamp handrail installation - your questions answered

Our key clamp handrails, compliant with BS EN standards, offer some of the fastest and easiest installations possible. Whether you are working on a new site or are on an existing building, our key clamp handrails are a smart choice. Their unique installation process means that it can be installed without disturbing those around you.

At Ezi Klamp, we specialise in both handrails and guardrails offering fast delivery across the UK from our Bristol Depot; we deliver from drawings to site within as little as 48 hours. We also offer an installation service, including for roof edge applications, ensuring compliance with building regulations; but if you are looking to install your own handrails, we have made this complete guide to ensure you have all the details you need.

Before you install your key clamp handrails

Before any installation, you should first check you have received all of your correct parts. In the unlikely event that we have not included an item, we will be able to fast-track a replacement part for you.

Once you have checked your order and are happy everything is in place you will want to work in a clear and safe area.

Key Clamp Handrail Install Guide

What tools do I need to install key clamp handrails?

Installing key clamp handrails is often quick and straightforward; this same methodology goes for the tools required to install the handrails. A few tools that we recommend are the following, none of which are special tools, making the process easy.

  • An Allen key (supplied with your order).
  • Something to make straight cuts – a metal cutting chop saw, reciprocating saw, angle grinder or hacksaw can work too.
  • A spirit level –  We recommend a magnetic or scaffolder’s spirit level
  • An SDS drill
  • An impact driver – useful for installing concrete fixings
  • A tape measure and marker pen

Measuring and drilling

This is often the most time-consuming and important part of your installation. It is important that you do not rush this section of the installation.

What is the spacing between upright posts?

As standard, we recommend installing upright posts every 1.5m. This may change based on the size of the handrail and other circumstances; if you are unsure, please refer to any plans provided with your order, or you can get in contact and our advisors will be happy to help.

What size drill should I use?

Drill sizes depend on fittings that are being fixed, please see table below for hole and bolt size required.

Fitting Drill Size Bolt Size
131 Wall Flange

143 Handrail Bracket

6mm SDS M6
146 Palm Fixing

169 Swivel Wall Plate

198 Fixing Bracket

199 Fixing Bracket

8mm SDS M8
132 Base Plate

144 Railing Support

145 Railing Support

232 Ramp Base Plate

10mm SDS M10

Fixing types

  • Screwbolt Fixings for Concrete/Timber Surfaces.
  • Resin Anchors for Brickwork and tarmac surfaces.

What lengths do key clamp tubes come in?

Tubes for key clamp handrails are stocked in 6.4m and 3.2m lengths. Please note that if your order is being delivered via courier, the 6.4m tubes will be trimmed down to 6.0m to fit on the van. We can cut the tube to bespoke lengths; just let us know your requirements.

Do you offer installation?

While we only supply our range of handrails for many clients, we can also offer an installation service if required. Our CSCS-accredited fitters, skilled in installing tubular handrail solutions, bring their expertise to various public buildings and situations across the country, guaranteeing a professional on-site service.

If you want to guarantee your handrails are installed to the highest quality and comply with the latest regulations, our installation service is perfect for you.

If you need advice on installing an existing order or would like to make a purchase, call us on 0117 970 2420 or email us at sales@eziklampsystems.com, and one of our friendly advisors will be happy to help.

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Published: 08/05/2024
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