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From quote to site: we offer the complete handrail service!

From quote to site: we offer the complete handrail service!

From simple handrail projects to complex structures, at Ezi Klamp we’ve worked with national construction firms, local builders, housing associations, rail contractors, and local authorities to produce quality handrail installations.

We always aim to make the process as easy as possible for you, which includes taking your requirements, and any plans or technical drawings should you have them, and providing a tailored quote using products that are all available from stock and ready for quick dispatch.

However, there are also occasions where a visual reference of the finished handrail will be of great benefit to the project. In these cases, we are happy to produce quality 3D handrail mockups in-house, which are sent along with the quote. We are dedicated to ensuring you are equipped with all the components and information you need to ensure the project goes smoothly.

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When is a handrail mockup required?

Whilst we do concentrate on supply only, we do also offer a handrail installation service. When our experienced CSCS accredited operatives are required to carry out the installation, our 3D drawings can be used as guidance so they complete the project precisely to the original plans.

Occasionally we will produce drawings for a supply project for which the customer needs further guidance on installation. The mockup then plays the role of a basic instruction manual.

More technical handrail projects that are either on a larger scale or just have unusual requirements may also benefit from a mockup. Seeing how the components will all work together in the finished result can be extremely helpful in these cases.

What is included on the mockup?

We’ll take your requirements, measurements and any images you have of the site to create an accurate 3D mockup with our proposed handrail solution in place. On this visualisation, you will be able to see the components that we have listed in our quotation at work, which will often involve a mixture of Key Clamp Fittings and DDA Handrail products. We can also label this drawing with the names of the components so you can see where each one will need to be installed.

From quote to site: we offer the complete handrail service!

The benefits of having a mockup

Prior to installation, at the quote stage, having a mockup helps you to visualise how our DDA Handrail and Key Clamp products will work in your environment. This will also allow you to double check that it fulfils your requirements as well as fulfilling the compliance requirements for key regulations such as the Equality Act 2010 and Building Regulations Part M: 2006.

Along with the installation instructions that will accompany the delivery of your handrails, the mockup will act as an additional reference point. It helps in getting the correct placement and remembering how the finished project should look upon completion.

From quote to site: we offer the complete handrail service!

Ezi Klamp’s handrail service

Under the terms of the Equality Act 2010, all public and commercial buildings owners have to provide non-discriminatory handrails and balustrades on stairways and ramps. Our DDA Handrail System enables you to satisfy these requirements, as well as the Building Regulations Part M: 2006 for access to public and commercial buildings.

This system consists of simple, individual components that have been specially designed for swift assembly, without the need for any welding or specialist equipment. DDA is designed to achieve a smooth and continuous handrail with a diameter of 42mm.

We also use our range of Key Clamp Tube and Fittings to form cost-effective handrail systems, which are again easy to assemble on site. All that’s needed is an Allen Key or ratchet to tighten the grub screws onto the tube, that means no bending, threading or welding.

There are over 60 different types of Key Clamp fittings, so we have the components to create almost any configuration, no matter what the requirements. The tubes come in standard lengths of 6.4m and 3.2m, but they can be cut to length to suit your project.

We provide a comprehensive service, with handrails delivered directly to your site in kit-form, complete with full fitting instructions.

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First Published: 13/11/2018 (Updated 03/06/2021)
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