Keeping your work site safe doesn’t have to mean hassle, expense and paperwork. With a key clamp handrail system, all you need is an Allen key to build a rock-solid handrail from steel tubes – no need for welders, hot works permits or site closure.

With over 60 key clamp fittings available, your flexible key clamp handrail system can be adapted to the layout of commercial sites in any industry – and lasts up to seven times longer than the welded equivalent.

Turn to Ezi Klamp for stress-free service our rivals can’t match. Just send us a quick sketch or site dimensions – then sit back as our expert key clamp suppliers assess your needs and sort the right key clamp fittings from our Bristol factory. Plus, if you place your order before 3pm, we’ll deliver next-day – all part of a service that gets 9.4/10 positive feedback from our loyal customers.


9.4/10 positive customer feedback
Hands-on experience & can-do attitude
Fast turnaround from drawings
Stock delivered from our warehouse
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Tube Sizes

3.2M Galvanised Steel Tube

6.4M Galvanised Steel Tube

76MM O/D Galvanised Steel Tube 6.4M

Key Clamp 101 Short Tee

Key Clamp 104 Long Tee

Key Clamp 116 Midrail Corner

Key Clamp 119 Midrail Cross

Key Clamp 123 Acute Angle Elbow

Key Clamp 124 Variable Elbow

Key Clamp 125 Elbow

Key Clamp 125H Swivel Elbow

Key Clamp 128 Three Way Top Corner

Key Clamp 129 Adjustable Short Tee 30-45°

Key Clamp 130 Adjustable Cross 30-45°

Key Clamp 131 Wall Flange

Key Clamp 132 Base Plate

Key Clamp 133 End Cap

Key Clamp 134 Ground Socket

Key Clamp 135 Clamp-on Tee

Key Clamp 137-4 Clamp-on Crossover

Key Clamp 138 Gate Eye

Key Clamp 140 Gate Pin

Key Clamp 143 Handrail Wall Bracket

Key Clamp 144 Side Support