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    Handrail Gates and Hinges

    Explore our range of gates and accessories available to fit in many situations.

Handrail Gates and Hinges

Every work site is different. So when you order a key clamp handrail system from Ezi Klamp, it’s important to also choose the bespoke gates and hinges you need to promote easy access and efficient flow, keeping staff and visitors moving safely through the premises.

Ezi Klamp has everything you need at our fingertips. When you order your key clamp handrail system, talk to our expert team about additional gates and hinges, and trust us to help you choose the right products for your premises.

At our fully stocked UK warehouse, we make to order a selection of GRP self-closing gates and Truclose heavy-duty hinges – so we’re ready to work with your site’s specifications. Simply place your order then rely on fast and reliable delivery – all part of a service that gets 9.4/10 positive feedback from our very satisfied customers.

Handrail Gates and Hinges

  • GRP Self Closing Gate

  • Key Clamp 140 - Gate Pin

    Key Clamp 140 Gate Pin

  • Key Clamp 140 Gate Pin

    The 140 Gate Pin is used with the 138 Gate Eye key clamp, also securing around the upright post to complete the gate hinge.

    This key clamp fitting is available in sizes 1-4.

    This fitting is always kept in good supply in our warehouse in Bristol, meaning that they are readily available to send out quickly so that your project can progress rapidly.

  • Self Closing Gate

    Ezi Klamp Systems sell a fully adjustable range of self-closing safety gates for use in rooftop or industrial environments.

    Our safety gates are ideal for protecting any openings, ladder/stair access points, roof hatches, walkways, access to industrial machinery and other restricted areas, where regular access for maintenance and inspection is required. Our gates are spring loaded so they will automatically close behind the user. Spring loaded safety gates are considered the superior solution over chains, bars or sliding tubes when protecting these areas as they will automatically close behind a person, overcoming the common problem of human error. The safety gate can be “retro-fitted” to existing fixed structures where opening protection is required.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Spring loaded to automatically close behind the user
    • Independently tested
    • Quick and easy to assemble
    • Standard 1m wide gate be cut to size
    • Can be used for external and internal applications
    • Galvanised steel finish as standard
    • Can be powder-coated to order
    • Can fit different shaped surfaces (round or square)
    • Retro-fits to existing structures
  • Truclose Heavy Duty Hinge

    The Truclose Hinge is a self closing heavy duty gate hinge that is suitable for gates weighing up to 60 kg. Ideal for high traffic areas and large, heavy gates.


    • Self-lubricating
    • Self closing
    • Gates will not sag
    • Adjustable for gate weight/speed contro
    • Optional alignment legs for extra strength
    • Models for square section and round post
    • Stainless steel springs mean no stains from rust

Frequently asked questions

  • What do I need to install a key clamp handrail?

    Fortunately, key clamp handrail systems don’t require much equipment. Use our key clamp checklist below to make sure you have everything you need. 

    • An allen key (supplied free of charge with your order). 
    • Something to cut the tube with – ideally a metal cutting chopsaw, but a reciprocating saw, angle grinder or hacksaw can work too.  
    • A spirit level – magnetic is best  
    • An SDS drill  
    • An impact driver – useful for installing concrete fixings 
    • A tape measure and marker pen  

    Watch our video on how to install a key clamp handrail, or let us do the legwork and arrange installation for you. Get in touch for a quotation on this.

  • Does my handrail system need to be DDA compliant?

    If installed at a school, hospital or other building accessed by members of the general public, then yes, the handrail design is required by law to be compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). Please note that standard key clamp handrails are not DDA compliant – that is a different type of handrail (a DDA handrail system).

    Read more about DDA compliance here or send your drawings, sketches or photographs to sales@eziklampsystems.com for a price on a DDA compliant handrail system.

  • At what height should a handrail be installed?

    Typically, a key clamp handrail is approximately 1–1.1m high

  • Can I build my key clamp handrail on a slope or staircase?

    There’s a wide range of key clamp fittings available to accommodate a slope, ramp or staircase if needed – e.g. ramp fittings adjustable between 0-11° (product codes 201 to 232); angled fittings designed for staircase handrails and steeper slopes; and swivel fittings able to accommodate almost any angle. View the full range here.

  • What lengths does the tubing come in? Can you cut to size?

    Tubes for key clamp handrails are stocked in 6.4m and 3.2m lengths. Please note that if your order is being delivered via courier, the 6.4m tubes will be trimmed down to 6.0m to fit on the van. We can cut the tube to bespoke lengths, just let us know your requirements.

  • How many upright posts will I need?

    For a key clamp handrail system, we recommend 1.5m spaces between posts. However, this can change depending on a few different factors, for example, if the handrail is used for edge protection on a drop. For specific advice on your project please give us a ring or send over your drawings and details to sales@eziklampsystems.com.

  • What size of tube will I need for my handrail?

    Tubes for key clamp handrails come in five different diameters, all suited to different applications. Key clamp actually has a variety of uses besides commercial handrails; see below for a quick guide on sizing and uses: 

    • Size 1. Not sturdy enough to use as a handrail. Used for:
      • Lightweight clothes rails
    • Size 2. Used for some handrails (most often where the rail will be used by an elderly person), plus:
      • Clothes hanging rails (the ideal size for a clothes hanger!) 
      • Lightweight furniture  
    • Size 3. The most common size for handrails – it’s sturdy and also the perfect size for the average person’s hand to hold onto. Used for: 
      • Lighter weight guardrails 
      • Furniture  
    • Size 4. The same size as a scaffold tube. Used for:
      • Heavy duty handrails
      • Commonly used for guardrails 
      • Furniture 
    • Size 5.  Very heavy duty – not recommended for use as a handrail; it’s too large for a person’s hand to comfortably hold. Used for:
      • Industrial handrail and crash barriers  
      • Trolley bays 

    Please note that the dimension used is the outside diameter of the tube.  

  • What's the finish on the key clamp fittings and tubes? Can I have a coloured finish?

    We stock our tube and fittings in a galvanised finish for quick despatch. However, if you need a coloured finish, we can sort this too. Key clamp handrail components can be sent off for polyester powder coating to any standard RAL colour – view the options here. 

    Please be aware powder coating will extend the lead time by approximately 10 working days.

  • Can you deliver?

    Yes – no matter where you are in the UK, we dispatch the items for your key clamp handrail promptly for delivery by our couriers. Or, if you’re local to the Bristol area, you may find it more convenient to pop in to our trade counter – all standard items are in stock for collection.

  • Can you price from my sketch or drawing?

    Yes – if all of the above seems like too much to think about right now, then let us do the thinking for you! Many people aren’t confident with working out the items they’ll need for a key clamp handrail, or just don’t have time, so we provide a take-off service. 

    Simply email us your sketch, photos or drawings and we will do the hard work for you, working out and quoting for everything you need. Email sales@eziklampsystems.com or call 0117 970 2420 if you have any questions.