Free-standing Roof Guardrail System

    Non-penetrating roof guardrail system designed and tested to ensure safe working environment for maintenance personnel when working on roof tops...

A roof guardrail is essential for the protection of your workers, site inspectors and maintenance staff. When you choose our free standing roof guardrail systems, there’s no need to penetrate the roof membrane with mechanical fixings. Instead, a simple cantilever weight gives our metal roof guardrail complete strength and stability.

Ezi Klamp’s free standing roof guardrail systems are easy to assemble, with no experience required to clamp together the 48mm-diameter steel tubes using stainless steel set screws. But they form a rugged, permanent roof guardrail system, thanks to a galvanised steel finish that copes with heavy use and extreme weather conditions.

Skip the hassle and order your roof guardrail from Ezi Klamp. Our expert team is ready to help you work out your project requirements, so simply send us a drawing or sketch of the roof guardrail location and we’ll work out the components to give you a fast quote. It’s one more reason why our service gets 9.4/10 positive feedback from happy customers.


Benefits of Free-Standing Roof Guardrail

Complies with and
tested to
BS EN 13374:2013
Pre-assembled posts
for a quick, easy installation
Galvanised finish
provides a long life span
Available in any
Standard RAL Colour 
No need to penetrate
roof membrane!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a free-standing roof guardrail system and how is it different from a fixed roof guardrail?

    Free-standing roof guardrail systems – such as Ezi Klamp’s – are nonpenetrating. This means, unlike fixed roof guardrails, they don’t infiltrate the roof membrane with mechanical fixings. Instead, they use a cantilever weight for strength and stability.

  • In what situations are free-standing roof guardrails used?

    Roof guardrails are safety systems, providing protection from roof edges. Our free-standing roof guardrail is ideal for buildings with flat roofs – where penetration of the roof membrane would cause issues.

    It’s even available in a fold-down version. This is perfect for buildings of historical or architectural importance where the roof guardrail needs to be invisible from the ground. The flexibility of free-standing, non penetrating roof guardrails are also great for use on buildings with complex roofing structures.

  • Are free-standing roof guardrail systems temporary or permanent?

    Ezi Klamp’s free-standing roof guardrail is a permanent guardrail solution.

  • What are the benefits of Ezi Klamp roof guardrail?
    Modular system – Ezi Klamp’s roof guardrail comes with pre-assembled posts making installation quick & easy. all thats required is for tubes to be inserted to the posts and the cantilever weights to be added.

    Non-penetrating – Thanks to the cantilever weights, there’s no need to penetrate the roof membrane with mechanical fixings. This not only removes the risk of damage or leaks, it also saves you the cost of a specialist fitter and lets your day-to-day operations continue without disturbance.

    No hot works required – with Ezi Klamp roof guardrail, you can wave goodbye to onsite welders: no experience is needed to clamp together the 48mm-diameter steel tubes using stainless steel set screws. Once it’s up, our roof guardrail stays up, thanks to a galvanised steel finish that handles every extreme of the British weather.
  • How do I know which components I need for a roof guardrail?

    You don’t need to worry. We take the hassle out of the process by pricing roof guardrails as a complete system. Leave it with Ezi Klamp to advise on, and provide everything you’ll need for a safe and compliant roof guardrail.

  • How does Ezi Klamp price a roof guardrail system?

    In order to give you an exact quote, we simply need to know the meterage, how many ends and corners there will be, and whether it will be fixed to the wall at any point.

    If you have a plan drawing or sketch to send over this is ideal.

  • What regulations does the guardrail comply with?

    We take the safety of individuals seriously. Our roof edge protection solutions comply with the following:

    The Work At Height Regulations 2005 – which stipulates specific dimensions, rigidity and strength. The top guardrail must be at least 1100mm and that gaps between the guardrail frames should not exceed 470mm.

    The UK Building Regulations Part K – which stipulates that a roof guardrail must consist of a minimum of two horizontal rails as the standard to give an acceptable level of safety.

    The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 – which stipulates that suitable and safe access to and from every place of work is provided and that a full risk assessment is completed.

    BS EN 13374:2013+A1:2018 – which stipulates that free-standing roof guardrails must not become displaced and should be designed and installed to avoid accentidal removal or displacement. Ezi Klamp’s free-standing roof barrier systems have been tested to BS EN 13374:2013.

    For a closer look on roof edge protection regulations and to see if you’re meeting the requirements, read our in-depth article here.

  • How do I know if I need roof edge protection?

    Any roof that will be worked on or visited at any point requires roof-edge protection. No matter the height, the length of time the work will take or the experience of the workers, there is still risk involved. Therefore, having a roof-edge protection in place is the only way you can ensure you are compliant with regulations and, more importantly, that individuals can complete their work safely.

    For more information on this, take a look at our article on When to Provide Roof Edge Protection.

  • How does the Ezi Klamp roof guardrail compare to other roof edge protection systems?

    Ezi Klamp’s roof guardrail system is freestanding and non-penetrative. This is incredibly beneficial because it removes the risk of damage to a building and leaks.

    It’s also quick and easy to install and move again, if required – unlike other, fixed roof protection systems – meaning, minimal disturbance and less headaches for site managers!

  • Can Ezi Klamp provide a full roof guardrail installation?

    Yes, we can! Roof edge protection barriers are our most popular installation products. We’ve installed roof guardrails for Merchant’s House in Bristol and Pentrehafod School in Swansea, to name a couple.

    Our team is highly experienced in erecting free-standing roof-edge protection solutions. Whether you need a temporary or permanent guardrail system for your roof, take advantage of our install service. If required, we can take care of your guardrail project – from drawing to completion – so it’s one less thing for you to think about.

    If you’re unsure about anything, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us any time to discuss your project requirements. We’re here to help.

  • Who uses Ezi Klamp roof guardrail?

    Cast your eyes upwards at work sites across the UK and you’ll find Ezi Klamp’s roof edge guardrail system doing its job. From nurseries to offices, the settings might change, but the objective is always the same: to keep maintenance staff, inspectors and workers safe, while giving site managers peace of mind.

    Of course, there are other roof guardrail systems for sale in the UK. But for easy ordering, simple installation, unbeatable stability and long-term reliability in all weather conditions, you won’t find a better roof guardrail than ours!

  • How does Ezi Klamp’s roof edge guardrail system work?

    When you take delivery of your Ezi Klamp roof guardrail, the first thing to strike you is the simplicity. Unlike rival systems, our setup works on a straightforward yet highly effective cantilever principle, with ‘legs’ that extend onto the roof space, creating optimal balance and ensuring huge strength and stability.

    Accidents are inevitable in the workplace, whether that’s a staff member tripping and clinging to the barrier or heavy equipment falling against it. But in every scenario, our roof guardrail always stays rock solid, protecting your staff, property and equipment.

  • Where can I find roof guardrail systems for sale?

    Right here at Ezi Klamp. From our dedicated factory in Bristol, we’ve supplied roof guardrail to British industry’s most respected companies for more than two decades – and we’re ready to take on your next project.

    Trust us to take your initial phone enquiry, design a roof guardrail solution from your plans, photos or sketches, source all the components you need and quote you fast. Then sit back and wait for the fastest delivery around – just one more reason why our can-do service gets 9.4/10 positive feedback from our satisfied customers.

    Our roof edge guardrail system is in stock now and ready to order. Drop us a line on 0117 970 2420 or sales@eziklampsystems.com and discover the Ezi Klamp difference.