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    Our work with the Health sector

  • roof-guardrail-image-1-scaled-e1608559828412

    North Bristol NHS Trust – Roof Guardrail Project

    Learn how Ezi Klamp Installed a bespoke Roof Guardrail system to suit client specifications at North Bristol NHS Trust

  • UHW-roof-guardrail-3

    University Hospital of Wales – Roof Guardrail & Key Clamp

    Learn about the installation of our free-standing Roof Guardrail & Key Clamp handrail at the University Hospital of Wales...


    A trusted supplier for Health sector projects

    For the last 23 years, Ezi Klamp has worked with local NHS trusts and healthcare providers across the country, meaning we deeply understand the healthcare sector’s unique needs and regulations regarding building regulations and the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).

    We prioritise the safety of your patients and staff and have helped thousands of healthcare sites serve their communities. From large hospital complexes to small independent care homes, we have designed, fabricated, and installed a wide variety of handrails and other safety products.


    Simple Installation because your care can’t stop

    When care can’t stop, our range of modular handrails & barriers come into their own with their fast installation and minimum maintenance. Installation can take place with a small team and a few tools, allowing improvements to take place with little to no disturbance to your healthcare schedule.

    We have been privileged to be commissioned by the NHS to work on ambitious refurb projects. Our work with North Bristol NHS Trust saw us design and install a bespoke roof guardrail system as well as a DDA handrail system to the entrance of a healthcare facility, whilst the need for more beds during the COVID pandemic led to us being called upon to help build a new temporary wing of the University of Wales Hospital.


    Our strong and resilient modular Armco-type crash barriers provide the utmost protection for healthcare premises. Where vehicles are frequently moving, ensuring protection of personnel & property is crucial to ensure duties can be carried out effectively.

    We pride ourselves on our long-standing relationships with clients in both the private and public healthcare sectors. Whatever solution you’re after, Ezi Klamp can guarantee high-quality products, expert advice, a fast turnaround on drawings and next-day delivery. Should you require it, we can also take care of the installation and ensure your site fully complies with regulations.

    Frequently asked questions

    • What products do you offer for the healthcare industry?

      Ezi Klamp provides a variety of safety solutions including DDA handrails, roof edge protection systems, and vehicle crash barrier systems  tailored to meet the specific needs of the healthcare industry.

    • What are DDA regulations?

      The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) is designed to eliminate discrimination against disabled individuals. This law serves as the backbone for creating inclusive public spaces, ensuring that everyone, regardless of physical or sensory limitations, has equal access to essential facilities.

      While the DDA covers a broad spectrum of accessibility features, it emphasises architectural elements that people interact with most frequently. This includes ramps for wheelchair access, lifts with audio and tactile qualities for those with visual or auditory impairments, and handrails.

    • Is DDA warm to touch?


      DDA requirements state that handrails and balustrades should be ‘Not-cold-to-touch’. This requirement is satisfied by our polyester powder coating service.

    • What colour do DDA handrails come in?

      Our DDA handrails are available in a variety of RAL colours to meet aesthetic and safety visibility requirements. It is important to remember that all DDA handrails are in high contrast to their surrounding areas to help improve their visibility in low light and to those with visual impairments.

    • What does 'not cold to the touch' mean in terms of handrails?

      Handrails that are ‘not cold to the touch’ are coated or made from materials that do not feel cold, improving comfort and grip in colder conditions.

    • What is the height of a handrail on a wheelchair ramp?

      The typical height for a handrail on a wheelchair ramp is between 900mm and 1000mm from the ramp surface to ensure usability and safety for wheelchair users.

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