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    Our work with the Education sector

    The UK’s global reputation for world-class education means our education sector is growing year on year. As student populations soar, construction output expands and Ezi Klamp’s innovative solutions are at the forefront of this thriving industry.
  • DJI_0892.1
    December 2021
    Main Product
    DDA Handrail

    Matthews Green Project – DDA Handrails

    Our DDA Handrail system providing safe access routes to new primary school in Matthews Green, Wokingham

  • dda_handrail-scaled-e1631287565469
    Cwmbran, Wales
    June 2019
    Main Products
    Key Clamp Handrail & DDA Handrail

    Croesyceiliog Comprehensive School – DDA Handrail Project

    Installation of our powder coated DDA Handrail & Key Clamp handrail systems at this new school in Cwmbran, Wales...

  • Pentrehafod-School-Roof-Guardrail-Project-1
    August 2018
    Main Product
    Free-standing Roof Guardrail

    Pentrehafod School – Roof Guardrail Project

    Learn about Ezi Klamp's free-standing roof guardrail solution installed at Pentrehafod School in Swansea for ensuring maintenance staff can complete tasks safely

    Ezi Klamp is the UK’s leading provider of key clamp handrail systems. We have been supplying the education sector for over 23 years

    with a number of cost-effective systems designed to keep people safe. Whether it’s stair railings at a university entrance, or barriers in the school drop-off zone, our solutions – from DDA handrails to bollards – serve to protect students and staff.


    As proven through our dedicated work

    with institutions such as Imperial College London and Croesyceiliog Comprehensive, we understand precisely what is needed to ensure nurseries, schools, colleges and universities are safe and fully compliant with regulations.

    Our DDA handrails establish safe, non-discriminatory environments for students with disabilities. As per regulations laid out by the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), our off-set, 42mm handrails provide guidance and support to the visually impaired via a continuous, smooth and ‘cold to the touch’ surface.


    Up on rooftops, our easy-to-assemble roof guard rails offer simple yet stable shielding from building edges

    and out in the school car park, Armco-type crash barriers and bollards ensure the protection of people in vehicle-heavy areas.

    We pride ourselves on our close working relationships with clients and we’re here to offer as much (or as little) guidance as you require. Based on your drawings and specifications, Ezi Klamp can provide quotes and advice on regulations and installation. And, if you want to take the pressure off, we can also carry out the installation itself, ensuring your site meets all the legal requirements. It all comes down to what you want, but either way, Ezi Klamp will guarantee your construction project runs smoothly.

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