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    High strength, versatile, modular vehicle restraint barrier systems for ensuring your premises are protected for many years to come!
    Armco type crash barrier supplier

Armco-type crash barriers are the UK industry standard, used for off-highway protection at work premises across the country. As leading Armco-type crash barrier suppliers, Ezi Klamp is ready to provide everything you need, and talk you through the benefits of this tough and adaptable safety measure.

Armco-type crash barriers are renowned for their unbeatable strength and resistance to impact: essential qualities if your business is open to vehicles. Order from Ezi Klamp and expect flexibility and long-term protection, with our Armco-type crash barriers for sale in standard 3.5m/1.9m beam lengths with either dig-in and bolt-down posts – all with a galvanised finish as standard.

Order your Armco-type crash barriers with confidence from Ezi Klamp. Our experienced team are ready to work with your spec, sourcing all the right components at our UK warehouse, and delivering fast so you have peace of mind that your premises are protected. It’s all part of a passionate service that gets 9.4/10 positive feedback from our loyal customers.

Armco-Type Crash Barriers

Armco FAQs

  • Is Armco a brand name?

    Armco crash barrier is in fact not a copyrighted brand name – it originates from the American Rolling Mill Company, a steel producer in Chicago in the early 1900’s. The term Armco is now used generically in the UK to refer to crash barrier from any manufacturer.

  • What lengths do the crash barrier beams come in?

    The beams are available as 3.5m (3.2m effective length) and 1.9m (1.6m effective length)

  • Which posts do I need?

    There are several different types of post available. 

    Heavy duty, bolt down RSJ posts are extremely popular as they require no excavation to install. These crash barrier posts are kept in 560mm, 610mm, 760mm or 1100mm high – with 560mm and 760mm being the most commonly used. 

    Dig in posts can be supplied as either I-section (RSJ’s) or Z-section. The I-section posts are more heavy duty and are recommended in areas with high amounts of traffic or heavier vehicles. Z-section posts come in at the cheapest price point in the range; these are more suited to areas where traffic will be mainly smaller cars and vans. 

    Another option are our bolt-down posts with an integral handrail extension – this allows for the installation of a 48.3mm diameter handrail above the crash barrier. Ideal for areas like car parks where the barrier will be installed by a busy walkway.

  • What are the recommended post centres?

    Typically, every 3.2m, i.e. on every beam joint. However if a higher loading is required, for example where heavy goods vehicles will be regularly driven around the crash barrier, or where the crash barrier will be used as edge protection on a drop, an extra post can be added in the middle of the beams to increase the strength. 

  • Which ends do I need?

    Choose the ends for your Armco crash barrier based on the situation it’s going into and who’s going to be using the area around it. If the area will have high pedestrian activity, consider the Pedestrian end – with a welded tube on the end and no sharp edges, this reduces the risk of injury if someone was to fall onto or walk into the barrier. 

    The galvanised Armco fishtail end is one of the most commonly used on crash barriers and is ideal for areas with high levels of vehicular traffic. The design of this crash barrier end ensures that the barrier sweeps back away from traffic, minimising the risk of a vehicle catching an uncovered end. Bear in mind that the fishtail end will add 400mm effective length to a barrier. A yellow plastic fishtail end is also available. 

    The Armco plastic end cap effectively covers the sharp edges of the crash barrier beam, while improving visibility with its bright yellow colour. This beam end doesn’t add length to the crash barrier so is suited to areas where you’re tight on space.

  • My crash barrier needs to be highly visible – do you supply in other finishes than galvanised?

    Yes – beams, corners and ends can be powder coated to yellow or any other standard RAL colour. There’s a lead time on this of approximately 10 working days. (Posts can be powder coated too if required, although this is less common.)

  • What do I need to put the crash barrier together?

    We’ll allow in your quote for all the fixings you’ll need to install – bolts to fix the beams to the posts, and lap bolts for securing the joins between beams, ends and corners. In terms of tools and equipment, you’ll just need an impact driver with a 24mm socket and an adjustable spanner. 

    If you need to cut the barrier down then you need a 9″ angle grinder with metal cutting blades, plus a drill with 16mm metal holesaw if you need to re-position any fixing holes in the beam – and if you’re using dig-in posts you’ll need digging equipment such as post hole shovels and concrete to secure the posts.

  • Can it be used alongside roads?

    No – the crash barrier we supply is off-highway spec, for use in car parks, yards and warehouses.

  • Do you offer install on this product?

    Yes, absolutely.

  • Can you work out what I'm needing?

    Yes – if all of the above seems like too much to think about right now, then let us do the thinking for you! Many people aren’t confident with working out the items they’ll need for a crash barrier, or just don’t have time, so we provide a take-off service. 

    Simply email us your sketch, photos or drawings and we will do the hard work for you, working out and quoting for everything you need. Email sales@eziklampsystems.com or call 0117 970 2420 if you have any questions.