Our range of car park products enhances and accentuates any scheme or infrastructure project.

Our extensive range includes bollards, barriers, speed bumps and more. Products are available in a variety of styles and finishes, from powder coated to galvanized, which suit any application and integrate into the surrounding environment.

From bollards to barriers, our car park products provide both functional and aesthetic benefits. Bollards have a primary function of providing safety and help pedestrians feel more secure. Speed bumps help to reduce the speed of traffic, making the roads safer. Our high quality products are made with both function and style in mind, meaning that no matter what style, they are always fit for purpose.

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Free-Standing Demarcation Barrier

Height Restriction Barrier

Height Restriction Barrier with Nudge Bar

Rubber Speed Bump 50 mm

Rubber Speed Bump 75 mm

Surface Mounted Flow Plates

Water Filled Barriers