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    Rectory Road – Ezi Access Steps

    Optimising Rectory Road's accessibility for maintenance staff using our premium Ezi Access Mark 1 GRP Steps.

    Optimising Rectory Road's accessibility for maintenance staff using our premium Ezi Access Mark 1 GRP Steps.

    Project Name: Access Improvements to Rectory Road Portal

    Location: Cosford, Telford

    Ezi GRP Access Steps


    In the northern region of Telford, specifically the Cosford area, Network Rail had existing access steps dating back to around 1960. Originally constructed with timber, these steps had deteriorated significantly. It was overgrown and had missing or failing steps in places, making the area unsafe for maintenance personnel. Network Rail’s Safety Task Force commissioned the remit of 30 access points to deliver access improvements in the NW&C Region. This project at Cosford, more intricate than others, was initiated due to safety concerns and the inability of the previous steps to meet today’s standards.


    The primary objective was to replace the old steps and ensure they adhered to today’s standards. The overall premise was to replace them like-for-like, given that the original setup worked well.

    Multiple suggestions were presented, one of these being to install two flights of steps rather than the previous three staggered flights. Although this would have met compliance standards, upon further inspection, this would have not been buildable due to difficult access when delivering materials.


    The Works Delivery team at Network Rail provided us with on-site measurements and surveys. These inputs were invaluable in determining the best approach to renovate the access steps while staying within regulatory boundaries.

    After receiving the AFC drawings, we were able to create a solution – this was our Ezi Access Mark 1 GRP Steps which included a 50mm GRP handrail spanning the entire length of the access steps which led to an access gate at the bottom, enhancing safety measures. The revamp also featured a GRP infill step system, consisting of 28 steps in total. We also established a landing approximately halfway down the access steps crafted with GRP U channels. To ensure visibility at night, an eco-friendly solar-powered lighting system was installed along the length of the GRP handrails.

    The capabilities of Network Rail combined with the versatility of the Ezi Klamp system ensured full compliance with relevant standards.


    Due to the collaborative efforts of Ezi Klamp and Network Rail, we were able to transform the deteriorating access steps that caused a potential risk to human life into a secure and compliant pathway for maintenance personnel.

    The final product was delivered on schedule, both in the design and construction phases. This project not only addressed immediate concerns but also provided insights into adhering to safety standards and understanding tolerances for future projects under the larger 30-access point scheme.

    This endeavour served as a blueprint for handling challenges related to safety standards in upcoming projects.

    Published: 27/10/2023
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